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Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough

When the Window and Door Guys take on a Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough project our goal is to improve the exterior appearance, safety, and energy performance of the home.


Soffits are the horizontal metal panels or boards that seal off the underside of the Roof trusses. Soffits are vented or perforated to allow fresh air to get in to the Attic. Attic ventilation is a very important consideration for the energy performance of your home. A house attic needs to be properly ventilated to ensure there is adequate fresh air coming in to keep the attic cool in the summer, and also keep the attic moisture free in the winter. An improperly vented attic will void most Shingle Manufactures product warranties.

Many older homes have plywood soffits that do not allow for adequate venting to the attic, When we replace old wood soffits with metal soffits we remove most of the old existing wood soffit and create an air gap in existing eaves. Lastly we seal up the house with vented aluminum soffit, finish the soffit edge with aluminum fascia. Soffit comes in two different types, one vented and one not. Fascia also comes in a few styles, flat or ribbed, and also comes in 6″, 8″, 10″ and custom.


Install Metal Fascia is a great way to permanently protect the wood Fascia is home from water damage and rot. Metal Fascia does not ever need painting and this reduces the home maintenance requirements for your home over time.


Old Eavestroughs that have rusted out or that leak at the corners need to be replaced. Water dripping on to Sidewalks in the winter creates a serious hazard for slips and falls. Older homes with 4 inch Eavestroughs can experience capacity problems during heavy rain storms because the Eavestrough are undersized and do not meet the current Alberta Building Code. When the condition of the existing eavestrough is poor we replace with new 5″ continuous Eavestroughs. Our installations are typically done with downspouts that flip up for homeowner convenience. Considerable ingenuity and experience are often required to overcome existing draining challenges posed by site grade issues, landscaping, sidewalks and decks, the layout of the house on the lot, adjoining neighbor issues, and Roof designs that can force water to flow where you don’t want it.

All aluminum Soffit, Fascia, and Eavestrough products come in a wide variety of different colors to suit any exterior house color.


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