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Roofing and Stoppage

Roofing and Stoppage

If you’re looking for the best in Calgary roofing, you’ve come to the right place. Ensuring your have a reliable, leak free Roof is one of the most important home maintenance items you have to take care of as a Home Owner.

Most homeowners only have a New Roof installed on their home at most 2 or 3 times over a typical 40 to 50 year period of ownership. The improvements in both Manufacturing quality control and Product design in the last 10 years have been huge. Roofing Products such as Architectural Laminate Fiberglass Shingles, Class IV SBS Modified Hail Resistant Shingle, Ice and Water Shield membranes, and a wide variety of Synthetic Underlayments give homeowners fantastic Roofing choices that weren’t available in the 80’s and 90’s.

At Window and Door Guys, we understand the importance of having a quality Roof over your head. We are proud to offer our clients the finest Roofing products and best Roofing Installation service found in Calgary.

Our Roofing Installations are guaranteed to meet and in almost all aspects exceed the standards in the Alberta Building Code. A roof that meets minimum Building Code is just that – a minimum quality Roof. We do much better than that.

Top quality materials coupled with our expert installations will ensure your New Roof is going to perform perfectly year after year, regardless of what Mother Nature brings.

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Not all Calgary roofing companies are the same, and Window and Door Guys has continually distinguished itself from the rest. It’s a reality of the business that small Roofing companies seem to pop up out of nowhere, do a bunch of substandard projects and then quickly shut down when the complaints start coming in. When this happens Homeowners have a really big problem – nowhere to turn for recourse and no Warranty. With Window and Door Guys you might pay a little more than with these other companies, but our Roofing installation quality in unbeatable and our qualified professionals guarantee our clients satisfaction. To find out more about our extensive offers, contact us today.


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