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Siding and InsulationThe installation of new Siding and Exterior Insulation can be an excellent renovation project for your home. Investing in New Siding will instantly increase the resale value of your property. The style of Siding you choose can immediately and permanently change the exterior appearance and style of your house. Adding extra Insulation at the time the Siding work is done will dramatically improve the energy performance of your home.

Older homes built from the early 1970’s with 2″ x 4″ walls will have around R-12 wall insulation. Homes built pre-1970 in Calgary typically would have R-7 insulation values in the walls, at most. Very old homes have closer to R-2 insulation values. An extra inch of rigid exterior Insulation Board can add an additional R-5 to the home. For all homes this extra R-value is a huge improvement. The investment in adding extra insulation at the time Siding is installed pays for itself in lower annual heating and cooling costs.

Siding and Vinyl Siding Calgary

We offer options for your siding that are all aesthetically pleasing and quality-made. Vinyl siding has become popular because it offers incredible durability and comes in a wide selection of colors and styles. We carry 4.5”, 5”, and triple 3 styles (all low gloss wood grain), and are normally installed with a layer of insulation.Vinyl siding will never dent, peel, or corrode, and can handle winds up to 160 km/h so it’s the perfect option for any environment. Most of our vinyl products come with a lifetime warranty,

Our Hardy board siding comes with a 25-year warranty and is composed of a concrete and wood composite. It comes in two different profiles: 5” and 8”, and is generally installed with rigid insulation. If you’re unsure about what siding is right for your home, our experts are here to help with the decision.


Like all our products, the insulation we provide is superior. At Window and Door Guys, we will personally evaluate the state of your existing insulation and determine what you need. The insulation will vary in thickness from 3/8 thick to 2” thick and the R-values will change depending on the required thickness and how much you’re willing to spend, but vary from R- 3 – R-20. We can find a solution for you, regardless of your budget, and never compromise on service.


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