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Calgary Window ReplacementWindows are gateways to your home. They let in light, making your interiors shine and sparkle. Your windows should be treated with care to ensure they give you all the benefits they should.

The team at Window and Door Guys are experts when it comes to windows, and everything that goes along with them. We specialize in a variety of services, from window replacement to window constructions and all the accompanying accessories, we see to it that your windows are as beautiful as the rest of your home.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your windows or are looking for a change from the ordinary, contact us for an evaluation. Our Calgary windows replacement and Calgary windows installation will leave your house illuminated from the inside out. We treat windows as they should be treated: as the perfect frame for the outside world.

Our Calgary Window Replacement Services Include:

Configuration of windows; Window Replacement Calgary
Awning, casements, sliders, single hung, double hung, double side slider, Bay, Bow and Picture.

Completely Vinyl Windows
Consists of PVC construction.

Metal clad with option of wood or vinyl jamb windows
Heavy duty extruded aluminum exterior, with the option of wood (stained any color).

Hybrid Windows
Aluminum heavy duty extrusion exterior, and vinyl interior windows and jamb.

All Wood Windows
Complete wood construction inside and out.

Window and Door Guys offers dual and triple pane window options for most sizes or combinations of windows.

Window & Door Guys does concrete cut outs for Egress basement applications. Egress Windows meet the Calgary Fire Code for safety and quick escape. Our service includes the steps to cut concrete, remove concrete and displace dirt, install weeping tile and window well, and finish the window inside ready to paint.

We offer all types of Bay and Bow windows ranging from three to eight window combinations. We offer services such as creating New Openings, and we Reduce or Enlarge sizes of Windows and Patio Doors.

All the windows we install are Energy Star compliant for Calgary’s climate ( Zone B ). Windows containing Lew E Argon gas allow 75% visible light transmission into your home, while only allowing 68% of the solar heat gain compared to clear glass. Low E Argon glass allows 42% more heat to be retained in your home.

Most windows we offer come with the Super Spacer edge spacer for an added thermal break and this will ultimately help to eliminate condensation on the inside of the Windows. We offer Windows ranging from R-4 all the way to R-10. The average supply and install cost of a replacement window your home states at approximately $700 to $800 and up, depending on style, size and location of opening.

We offer Windows in many color options to allow you to accent the existing interior and exterior treatments found in your home.


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