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We Offer a Full Range of Door Installation & Patio Door Replacement Services in Calgary

Entrance Door Replacement

Entry doors come in many different styles and configurations. Decorative Door glass sizes can range from full glass to half glass, to a craftsman lite with minimal glass. Door material options include either prefinished steel, wood or fiberglass doors. Both fiberglass and steel doors have polyurethane cores which insulate six times better than wood.

All fiberglass doors come with many different color options. Our typical door installation would be a factory finished door system that is either painted or stained inside and out. The door system would come with a similar factory finished composite frame for a maintenance-free installation.

Calgary Window & Door Guys installs only the highest quality products for all door replacements. Window and Door Guys typically install either the Lux brand or the Codel brand. Both are high-quality Door Manufacturers that specializes in producing prefinished Doors with composite rot proof frames. Most models of doors come with extra security options such as multipoint locks or we can install a keyless lock.

Patio Door Replacement

Combining a crisp, clean look with unbelievable warmth, a new patio door is a great way to revitalize any room. With so many options available today it is possible to cater to almost any request. Some of the options we can offer you are:

● Mini blinds in between the glass
● Blackout blinds
● Conventional grills (in-between the panes of glass)
● Modern SDL (simulated divided lites)

Window and Door Guys supply and install high-quality replacement patio doors in Calgary. Among the patio doors we offer are:

Sliding Doors: These are typically the most common as they let in large amounts of light without taking up any swing space.
French Doors: These are less common due to our climate with drastic fluctuations in ground temperatures which results in tight allowances for these dual-operating doors.
Garden Doors: These generally have one door slab opening as a large window or vent and the other as an entry door.

Doors are used many times throughout the day so when choosing the best product for your home high-quality products are a must. Consequently, we only use three manufacturers for doors.

We offer patio doors made from wood, aluminum or vinyl. Choose from a variety of size combinations ranging from 5′, 6′, 8′, 9′, 10′ and 12′. With nearly all renovations, custom sizes are necessary and not a problem.

Improving Insulation with Energy Efficient Replacement Patio Doors

All of our patio doors now come with low E, Argon glass and offer an R-value of R-4. Some offer a true triple pane sealed unit for the best comfort and efficiency. This is a huge improvement for replacing the old and inefficient dual sliding patio doors that many homes have still today.

Storm Door Replacement

We offer a Storm Door supply and installation service. When picking the right storm door you have to decide if you want lots of ventilation in the summer and none in the winter or a mix of both. We prefer the Larson or the Anderson aluminum storm doors. Contact us now to ask about our storm door options.

Replacement Door Alternatives: Custom Cladding

Custom cladding is a great solution for many homeowners who are tired of annual painting and maintenance on exposed door frames. Cladding is mainly used to cover up old exterior door frames that require regular paint jobs to prevent water damage and eventual wood rot. Cladding offers a maintenance-free permanent alternative to the time-consuming task of painting the exterior trim of your home.

Cladding can be used for most exterior wood trim surfaces around the house that require regular painting. Cladding metal comes in a wide variety of different colors to suit any exterior house color. It is ideal for refreshing:

● Door frames
● Garage door frames and jambs
● Decorative wood features
● Post and beam style projections.


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