A Guide for Homeowners when having Construction work done in their home

December 18, 2013

Having construction work done in your home can be a stressful time, there are lots of rules and regulations for the people carrying out the work, but you, the homeowner also have a part to play in the process. Here is a guide for homeowners to follow when having work done in their property.*

Homeowner guide for construction work

Before work even begins on the project you wish to get carried out it is vital that you research who to hire. Appoint competent people to carry out the work and for more advanced and long term jobs you must also hire a project supervisor to coordinate the work. It is also important to hire the right people for the job, for example if you want a roof replacement in Calgary hire a Calgary roofing company, not a general builder.Check the credentials of the people you are hiring and ensure they fully comply with all necessary safety standards and that the have enough resources to carry out the work safely.Ask friends and family for recommendations, read any testimonials on their website and shop around. Don’t just hire the first company you see or the cheapest price quoted to you.

 When undertaking any work in your home the right insurance is paramount. Check your contractor’s liability. If something goes wrong and the contractor is not insured you may be liable for the fees incurred.

Once you have selected your builder it is advised to have a conversation with them before work starts about how to optimise safety. Discuss boundaries in the home e.g. they may use the downstairs bathroom facilities but not the upstairs, they can use the kitchen to make tea/coffee etc. It is these small things that will make the experience a more positive one.  If you have children make sure you have told them about how to stay safe and to stay out of the way of any construction work.  If the work carried out is substantial, notify the relevant authorities to check if planning permission is needed, so you will have enough time to apply.

Where at all possible try and segregate your home life from the construction work. Try and have the work carried out, for the most part, at the times you are away from the house at work and while any children may be at school.

If at any point you feel the work being carried out is not being done in a safe manner talk to your contractor. It is your home so you have control over the work being carried out.

*Please note this is a guide to follow when having construction work carried out by professionals in your home, not a guide for DIY Projects (Do It Yourself)

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