The Different Kinds of Window Styles

June 21, 2016

Windows play an important role in defining the style of your house; whether it is contemporary and modern or traditional and classic. Windows let in fresh air and keep your rooms filled with natural light during the day. There are a range of window designs and styles to meet your tastes and requirements. Whether you are constructing a new home or remodelling an existing one, window styles can be chosen to improve aesthetics, safety, ventilation or energy efficiency in your homes. Here, we will touch upon the different kinds of window styles that are popular across the world.

Casement Window

Casement windows are used in modern constructions around the world. They have a hinge on the side and open outward just like one would open a door.

Advantages of Casement Windows

  •  They go well with fixed windows and one can combine them in different styles like vent, fixed, vent and so on.
  •  To operate these windows, one needs to use the integrated crank handle.

Horizontal Sliding Window

In the horizontal sliding window, the sashes slide left to right or vice versa, as against the more traditional hung windows. They come in different types of material, color and sizes to suit your needs.

Advantages of Horizontal Sliding Windows

  • Due to their larger sizes than hung windows, horizontal sliding windows provide more natural light and give unobstructed view of the outside.
  • People of all ages find it very easy to operate sliding windows since it has a roller system on one side with the other side remaining motionless.
  • The maintenance cost is also very low as there are fewer moving parts.
  • With emerging technologies in the market, horizontal sliding windows can offer energy efficient window solutions too.

Vertical Sliders (double hung windows/singles hung window)

Double-Hung windows

In the double-hung windows, you have the lower inside sash sliding up while the upper outside sash slides down. This way, the air circulation is much better and also makes full screens a good option.

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows

  • If you live in a cold and windy area, wherein the weather is unpredictable all the time, then the double-hung windows are a wise choice. They can effectively prevent cold air or water from entering compared to other kinds of vertical sliders.
  • These are also easier to clean as the sashes from most of the leading products in the market come with a tilt movement.

Single-hung windows

Looking similar to the double-hung windows, in the single-hung system, the top sash is usually sealed in order to prevent cold air and water.

Advantages of Single-Hung Windows

  • The single-hung type is lower in cost and the movement is restricted only to the bottom sash.
  • Although the single-hung windows don’t have the same benefits of improved ventilation that comes with the double-hung kind, they do provide better flexibility to the users for window air-conditioner installations.

European Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are very popular across Europe and Asia. And although they weren’t much in demand in North America in the past, they have definitely seen a rise in popularity in recent times.  With energy efficient and impact-tested windows being the need of the hour for modern building designs, there has been a rapid growth in the demand for tilt and turns.

Advantages of Tilt and Turn Windows

  • They have the perfect combination of design and functionality. Due to the unique tilt position, users can enjoy draft-free ventilation and hassle-free protection from rain.
  • In the turn position, these windows behave like casement windows, opening inward with the complete glass area remaining open.
  • Designed by taking engineering factors like wind loading, security, water penetration, thermal resistance and ease of maintenance into consideration, tilt and turns represent a skillful and artistic option for windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have a hinge at the top, allowing the sash to swing outward from the bottom. This way, users can have ventilation in the room even in the event of mild rain.

Advantages of Awning Windows

  • They are mainly used along with large direct set windows to give you better view and air flow.
  • The windows provide ventilation while keeping out water during the rains.

Picture Windows (direct set)

Looking for new windows for your house and confused how to choose from the wide variety of options available? Well, firstly here is the good news – you’re not alone! And secondly, factors like price, aesthetics, architecture of the adjoining areas and the weather conditions in your locality will help you make the right decision. Most home owners prefer the picture windows due to their attractive styles and large sizes. A picture window, as the name suggests, provides a clear view of your home surroundings – almost acting like a picture frame for the outside scenery!

Advantages of Picture Windows

  • Due to its wide expanse of glass, the picture windows light up your home with bright natural light. They also offer an attractive outdoor view to the residents.
  • One can also opt to replace an existing combination window (two windows side-by-side) with a single large picture window to give a fresh and modern look to their home.
  • Apart from the large windows stretching from floor to ceiling with features like slats for ventilation, most picture windows cannot be operated. The benefits of such windows are that they are highly energy efficient.
  • It also offers a good best option for people with allergies, who need to proactively restrict the entry of airborne contaminants inside their house.

In case of “direct set” picture windows, the glass is fit into the exterior frame. This results in greater area for viewing since there is more of glass and less of frame.

Direct set windows bring in a more contemporary look and feel to the house and they work well on walls that have fixed windows. One only needs to take care of the fact that direct set windows usually do not look good when paired with operable windows that have sash frames.

Fixed Sash Picture Windows

A “fixed sash” picture window comes with extra wood frame around the glass, which is known as a sash, giving the window a distinct feel of a picture frame.

Advantages of Fixed Sash Picture Windows

  • These are the perfect choice when users want their fixed picture windows look identical to operable windows like the casement window.
  • Fixed sash picture windows are very elegant and give a formal look too.



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