Multi-family Living In Canada

December 1, 2014

Multi-family living such as apartments, condos and townhouses are becoming attractive housing options for people in Canada. Many experts predict a rise in the demand of multifamily units in Canada in the future due to the high levels of one person households. The percentage of one person households rose dramatically in Canada between 2001 and [&hel...

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Tips to Help You Decide When to Replace a Front Door

March 26, 2014

  Whilst most homeowners can get many years of service out of their front door, there will come a time when a door needs to be replaced. We realise that it can sometimes be hard to evaluate whether or not your door may need replacing and this is why we have put together some helpful […]

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Adding Value to your Home

March 17, 2014

Many factors can influence the value of your home, for example if you have a leak in the plumbing system and spend money fixing it you won’t see a return on this investment, as a fully functioning plumbing system is something people expect to see in any home. However, if you spend money remodelling and […]

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A Home Security Guide to Locks on Windows and Doors

March 10, 2014

Protecting your home from unwanted intruders can be greatly helped by the home security mechanisms you put in place. While many people think that investing in security systems with alarm monitoring, CCTV cameras and motion detectors will prevent break ins, even the most elaborate home security systems begin with investing in the structure of your [...

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The Importance of Roof Maintenance

July 23, 2013

People tend to take good care of their homes. They are a significant investment, they are a safe place to live, raise a family and grow old. It is part of normal, everyday life to ensure that your home is not suffering from the elements or accidents. However many people have a tendency to ignore […]

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Adding value to your home

July 23, 2013

We all dream of finding the house that we can settle down in: a home that will see us through our retirement years, comfortable and relaxing with every corner a friend to our heart. For many people there might be expansion into a new home when families expand, then downsizing into a better placed home […]

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