Adding value to your home

July 23, 2013

We all dream of finding the house that we can settle down in: a home that will see us through our retirement years, comfortable and relaxing with every corner a friend to our heart. For many people there might be expansion into a new home when families expand, then downsizing into a better placed home as children grow and leave. Most people don’t spend their entire adult lives in the one home so it is important to add value to your whenever you make a change. Hopefully when it is time to sell it you gain a lot more than you put in. There are a few key things that you can do to add value to your home.

The best place to start is with not wasting money. Unless you plan on spending decades in a home there are some things that might make a couple of years more pleasant in your home, but that do not benefit a sale and could even hinder it. The first of these is an extensive, landscaped garden. While you might enjoy a multi-tiered garden with exotic plants that you can spend the drier months fixing up and maintaining, for a potential buyer that could be a turn off. Buyers rarely buy a house ready to go. They like to see potential in a house that they can turn into their own home. A detailed garden represents someone else’s work that they have no investment in and have to maintain, or even spend a lot of money to get taken out. Simple changes to a garden are of value, planting a few trees that might have grown by the time a new buyer retires in the home, properly maintained lawns and decking are all a plus. Water features and pools are a definite turn off, especially to families with young children.

Adding value to your home

One area of the house that can be improved represents a big plus to a small, but significant section of the market can be achieved if you ever have electrical work carried out. Laying cables for satellite and cable TV and electricity is extremely common but few places have cables laid for a computer network. To the affluent tech savvy market a network ready house can be turn a maybe into a definite yes when it comes to buying. It’s not worth paying to have them specifically put in, but if other work is being carried out then their relatively minor extra cost could see a significant bonus in a sale.

Adding value to your home

 An area that cannot be understated and will see sales abandoned, let alone a reduction in price is any bad insulation or poor doors and windows. If you’re selling your house as a property to be fixed up then it’s not worth replacing and repairing them. If you have plans to sell your house in the next five years, then not only is it worth replacing them at the earliest stage but delay in replacing them could be the beginnings of permanent structural damage. That damage might not have an effect for twenty or thirty years, long after you have left the house but any engineer will be warning potential buyers that it could represent a significant future cost to them if not repaired. Anything that damages or holds the prospect of damage for the integrity and structure of the house could make your property unsellable.

Probably the biggest improvement that can be made to a home for a sale need not cost much money at all. Converting a spare bedroom into an office or crafts room only takes moving out a bed and closet and moving in some shelving, a desk and painting the room. What it represents for a buyer is a space for them to contain their personal interests and hobbies. It’s a small difference but it has a big effect on a buyer.

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