A Home Security Guide to Locks on Windows and Doors

March 10, 2014

Protecting your home from unwanted intruders can be greatly helped by the home security mechanisms you put in place. While many people think that investing in security systems with alarm monitoring, CCTV cameras and motion detectors will prevent break ins, even the most elaborate home security systems begin with investing in the structure of your windows and doors, and the quality of the lock mechanisms that you install. Here we give you a step by step guide on what to focus on.

Home Security Guide to Locks on Windows and Doors

Step 1: Make a List

Make an inventory of all the locks and locking mechanisms you need to have in place for both your windows and doors. Check all of your current locking mechanisms on each and every window and door before going to your local hardware store to purchase what you need.

Step 2: Replace Exterior Hinges

If the structure of your doors and windows are old or in poor condition, replace them. There is no point buying top grade locks, if the structures can’t support them.  Even with locks, aged windows and doors are easier to break through. Exterior hinges are susceptible to burglars popping the door off the hinges. Replace exterior doors with those that have hinges on the inside of the door.

Step 3: Install Deadbolts

Install deadbolts on every door. When you are in the hardware store, look for steel bolts that have an extended length that would fit into your door frames. Ideally check that the strike plates come with screws that are at least 6cm and will penetrate the door frame. This will prevent the door frame from being pried off or kicked in.

Step 4: Get Sash Stops

Purchase sash stops for your windows that come with locking mechanisms. Fit these to the top sash of your window to restrict how far the window can be opened. If you have double hung windows, install bolts and nails on these.

Step 5: Steel Over Turn Key Locks

If your doors have turn key locks, replace them with steel locks for additional security. Steel locks contain a steel pin that cannot be sprung with a credit card or infiltrated easily.

Step 6: Vertical Bolts and Anti-Lift Plates

If you have an exterior sliding door, purchase vertical bolts and anti-lift plates to secure the sliding door. You can also include heavy duty locks on the inside edge of the door frame.

Top Tips for Home Security

-> Install new hardware immediately or have a security expert or locksmith install them for you.

-> Remember to change your locks anytime you move into a new house or apartment because you don’t know how many people who lived there before have keys to the existing locked doors.

-> Don’t forget about basements and cellars. Always look for retractable window grates that provide security as well as ventilation.



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