Tips to Help You Decide When to Replace a Front Door

March 26, 2014

Door Replacement


Whilst most homeowners can get many years of service out of their front door, there will come a time when a door needs to be replaced. We realise that it can sometimes be hard to evaluate whether or not your door may need replacing and this is why we have put together some helpful tips on the subject matter below.

Inspect the appearance

It is important to assess the appearance of your door. If you have a wood door, it may be warping or rotting; or a steel door can get dinged and rust over time. Also, it’s possible that the style of the door may simply not match up with the design of your home and looks outdated. These are all indications that you may need to replace your door.

Check the operation of the door

You should try opening and closing doors on both dry and wet, humid days. Make sure all the components operate smoothly. If your door doesn’t close securely, or fits tightly on humid days, then it’s likely that it is leaking air on dry days, causing the home to lose energy.

Examine Your Locks

Ensure your locks operate smoothly and are strong enough to help protect your home. If you are not happy with the outcome, you should consider door replacement and perhaps think about having a multi-point locking system in your new choice of door. This system will allow for more peace-of-mind and security.

Inspect the weather stripping

Inspect the weather stripping around all sides of the door to ensure it has not worn out. On a bright day, you should aim to stand inside near your door and look for daylight flowing through the door perimeter. If light is coming in, then so most likely is external air and probably, moisture.

Assess the level of insulation

The best way to assess the insulation of your front door is to reach out and touch your door on both hot and cold days. If you feel the exterior temperatures on the inside surface, then your door may not have adequate insulation. In this instance, you should think about upgrading the door with a replacement that is more energy efficient.

Finally, if it becomes apparent that yourequire a door replacement service after evaluating your front door, it may be wise to consider a door made of fiberglass. A solid fiberglass door is up to four times more energy efficient than a solid wood door, plus it is resistance to rot, rust, dings and weather.

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