How to Tell If Your Window Needs Replacing

November 21, 2013

The Window replacement process can be a stressful and costly time for homeowners. Most homeowners will have to go through this process at least once, therefore, it is fundamentally important to have the process carried out by professionals and the right windows installed for your requirements.

Window Replacement

There are a few key signs to look out for to tell if your current windows need replacing. Irregular temperature is always a sure sign that something is not working cost-effectively. If the indoor temperature is never comfortable regardless of heating systems or air conditioning units then air may be escaping out through windows or coming in from the outside.

The working efficiency of the window is another simple way to tell if a replacement is required. If you are having trouble opening and closing the windows or if they are getting stuck half way open and tend to stick a lot then you probably need new windows. If your windows have locks that are no longer working it is important from a security perspective to either change the lock or replace the whole window unit.

Damp anywhere around your window is a cause for concern. Keep an eye out for foggy panes of glass or a collection of water drops on the glass pane or window sill. If you see any mould or damp patches it means that your windows are no longer up to standard. Chipping paint and peeling wallpaper in and around the window area is also a giveaway.

Once you have established that your windows need replacing it is important to hire professionals who can carry out the removal of the old windows and the installation of the new windows. These professionals can advise you which type of window replacement will best suit your needs from vinyl, aluminum, composite and wood windows. Along with choosing the right type of replacement a few final factors you should consider are glazing options, window security and maintenance. There are many different glazing options available so it is important to consider all of these to benefit not only appearance but also energy efficiency. Window security is key, windows are an entry point into your home so you should ensure the best locks and hardware are used when installing new windows. Finally, maintenance is an often over looked aspect of the window replacement process, once the new windows are installed it is important to keep up the maintenance for optimum effectiveness from your windows. Cleaning, repairing and painting the windows all are part of maintaining new windows.

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